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Concealed carry law means more business for gun shops

ROTHSCHILD (WAOW)--Jake Schira has owned Gunsmith Jake's since 2010, but his experience with firearms goes back much further. He has been working as a gunsmith for the past 12 years, and said the concealed carry law has been a long time coming.

"Along with that sales and things like that are going to go up," said Schira. But that has many people worried about safety. Some opponents of concealed carry argue more guns on the street means more violent crime. Not so, said Senator Pam Galloway, who introduced the bill.

"There are people out there who will never be comfortable with the idea that people can carry a concealed weapon for self defense, but I think they don't really understand the issue, they don't have clearly in their minds that there are criminals out there who carry concealed weapons regardless of the law," she said Friday before the signing.

Parts of the law will become law in November. Training and a background check are required to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon. However, some people voiced concern over the fact that online training is acceptable to obtain a permit.

In a press conference after the signing of the bill, the Governor addressed those concerns saying that he's not worried about people willing to go through the permit process to obtain a concealed weapon, he's more worried about those who get them illegally. He added that Wisconsin's law mirrors other states, and he is confident in the steps necessary to carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin.

Schira believes it won't affect most people's daily lives. "People are in no more jeopardy doing their daily routine than they've ever been before. If you travel out of the state of Wisconsin, there are people that are carrying, and they have no idea that they have those guns on them."

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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