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10-Year-Old Gives Up Birthday Gifts

WISCONSIN RAPIDS (WAOW) -- A Wisconsin Rapids girl is forgoing her birthday presents.  Instead, she's asking for money to be donated to a cause she cares deeply about.

Savana Williamson is doing a selfless thing.  Most 10-year-olds can't wait to unwrap their birthday gifts. Savana is asking that in lieu of gifts, money be donated to a local horse shelter.

"Horses have a life too. And they need help out there," she said.  "Some horses don't have homes, and we need to give them homes."

Savana hopes to raise $500 for the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation.

"She said, 'Mom, this year for my birthday, I would really just like to do something to help horses,'" said Pamela Williamson, Savana's mom.  "And we have a local horse rescue, so I thought, what a great idea."

The foundation takes in horses that need care and nurses them and finds them a home.

"Apparently they had heard of us through reputation," said Scott Bayerl, the Foundation's Executive Director.  "They asked us what we thought of the idea, it's nice to see kids investing through the community."

Bayerl said the money would cover the cost of grain for a month or a month's vet bill.  That's just fine for the Williamsons.  They like anything that helps horses.

"Our whole family is evolving into a horse family," Pamela said.  "My husband's getting into it, my two-year-old is getting into it."

When the money is all collected, Savana will hand deliver it to the foundation.

"That's not something you hear everyday," Bayerl said.  "So when a little girl is willing to give up her birthday presents, to collect money and donate it, to me, I guess it gives us a lot of faith in the next generation."

To learn more about the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, visit their website, equineadoption.com

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