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Wandering Wisconsin: Inside Dells of the Eau Claire

ANIWA (WAOW)--At one time Marathon County was little more than a volcanic wasteland.  But time, glaciers and a raging river combined to turn that into one of the most spectacular views in Wisconsin. 

A 35-minute drive east of Wausau can put you in what seems like a different world.  Because of geologic shifting, hardened rocks from ancient lava seemingly shoot out of the ground skyward.  On the surface the Eau Claire River eats away at rocks that geologists believe to be millions, if not billions of years old.

Dells of the Eau Claire is a place to enjoy the majesty of earth's beauty.  It is not for swimming.  The Eau Claire River's depth and speed change drastically as it winds and churns through the dells.  The turbulence makes it impossible to accurately judge the water conditions, making swimming potentially deadly. 

Enjoy the park, the views and ample trails but respect the river's power as it continues to create amazing vistas, and what we get to call our backyard in Central Wisconsin. 

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