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Flying high over Wausau; R/C Sportsmen take to the skies

WAUSAU (WAOW)--If you've ever spent an evening in Sunnyvale Park, then you've probably seen them. Small aircraft hovering over a patch of land, flown by controllers in the skilled hands of R/C sportsmen.

This hobby has stood the test of time for Louie Stark. He's been taking to the skies for 16 years. "These are not toys," he said, "they are actually miniature aircraft and they require the respect of an airplane."

Stark, along with fellow Wausau R/C Sportsmen often hand-make their planes either from a kit or from imagination. Another thrill of the club, teaching newcomers, including children.

"When you're flying the plane, it's like time just disappears. You're kind of in that plane. It's very relaxing," he said.

Kids as young as seven head to Sunnyvale Monday night for weekly training. The group is open to anyone who wants to take off. Even though flying is a thrill, it's not without risk even for experienced flyers.

"We always tell people that if you don't want to crash then don't fly because it does happen," said Stark.


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