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McDill Pond sits empty until leak is fixed

VILLAGE OF WHITING (WAOW) -- It's still unknown who will pay for the inspections of the leaking whiting dam but until officials figure out who's footing the bill, the McDilll pond will sit empty.

For people living along McDill Pond, seeing it like this is upsetting.

"Looking at what's left, and knowing that all the wildlife that was here can't be here," said Village of Whiting resident, Susan Hunter.

But officials say there's still a long road ahead, before it's filled again. When a leak was found in the whiting dam last month, the pond was drained so officials could pinpoint the problem. Village of Whiting President, Paul Stroik, said now the hold up is who's going to pay for the estimated 20 thousand dollar inspections.

"That's going to assist number one with getting this highway open, and secondly getting the water brought back up for the lake district residents," said Paul Stroik.

The McDill Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District offered Whiting 10 thousand dollars to help, but the Village of Whiting board turned that money down.

Stroik said the village is waiting to see if other agencies will pitch in.

"Some citizens in the Village determined that we should not move forward with any repairs or inspections, that it should be left up to the county, and Department of Transportation since they were the involved with the building of this dam and county highway," said Stroik.

But Portage County Board Chairman Philip Idsvoog said it's up to the Village of Whiting to be the lead agency when it comes to inspections, because that's where the dam is located. In addition to the eyesore of the empty pond, Highway HH is shut down, which Stroik said could remain closed until the problem is solved. Susan Hunter said who ever ends up paying she hopes something is done soon, for both the residents, and the wildlife.

"I think there's a way bigger cost to this," said Hunter.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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