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Whiting asks for money to pay for dam inspection

VILLAGE OF WHITING (WAOW) -- The Village of Whiting is asking Portage County to pay for the inspection of the McDill dam.

The dam is leaking, which has forced crews to close County Road HH and drain McDill Pond.

On Friday, Portage County Executive Patty Dreier received a letter from Village of Whiting President Paul Stroik, asking Portage County for financial assistance to diagnose the problem with the dam. Officials estimate that will cost between $20,000-$25,000.

Dreier says this is a positive step toward re-opening the road.

"Having a written request for financial assistance from the municipality that owns the dam is a key piece in helping us move forward since they have legal authority over the dam," said Dreier.

But Dreier says it has taken too long to get to this point. The road has been closed since mid-June.

"I have been frustrated with delays on both the village and county side to get us moving toward a resolution on this issue," said Dreier.

Both sides have been arguing over who should ultimately pay. Village of Whiting President Paul Stroik says it's the county's responsibility.

"We feel that the county is responsible for that, so we are asking that they step up and provide the funding to do the inspection," said Stroik.

Stroik says Whiting doesn't have the money to pay for an inspection. But since the road remains closed, he says it's important to first pay for the inspection first, and then figure out who's responsible.

"Addressing the closing of the highway is a concern," said Stroik. "If we could find out that it could be opened, then we can open the highway, but that can't be done without the inspection."

Dreier says a joint meeting of the Highway and Finance Committees is scheduled for July 28 to discuss contributing money toward the diagnosis of the problem.

Online Reporter: Daniel Woodruff

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