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Nekoosa Athlete at Junior Olympics

The Junior Olympics were held in June, and athletes between the ages of six and 17 compete to be the best in the country.

There was one Olympian from Nekoosa who competed in a sport you wouldn't think of when Wisconsin comes to mind.

Nine-year-old Cody Olski picked up tae kwon do two years ago, and this summer was the only Wisconsin athlete in the sport at this year's Junior Olympics.

"When I first started, I didn't think I would make it this far," Cody said. 

Cody's tournament ended on a sudden death roundhouse kick in with 15 seconds left in overtime of his opening match.

Despite the early exit, his supporters say he still exceeded expectations.

"Losing the first match like that, I wasn't ashamed. I was proud of him," said Jim Olski, Cody's dad.  "He fought hard, hardest I've ever seen him fight.  He did everything his coach and instructor wanted him to do, it was just one point."

Cody's dad says tae kwon do is the sport for him, because even at home, Cody finds ways to use his legs in ways that you and I wouldn't.

"He uses his legs, opening doors, shutting stuff," Jim Olski said.  "I guess he uses his feet like this hands, like I use my hands. I'm surprised he hasn't eaten off them."

Jim also bought equipment so Cody can train at home.  Dedication like that doesn't surprise his instructor.

"I saw in him the will to win," said Steve Decker, Cody's instructor.  "I saw in him the desire to put in the hard work it take to be good."

And perhaps a desire to show what Wisconsin can produce when it comes to martial artists.

"I would say that I could compete because although I came from a small town, it doesn't mean I can't compete in big tournaments," Cody said. 

Next year, the Junior Olympics will be held in Houston. You can bet Cody has that date circled on his calendar.

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