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Portage County Fair helps kids raise money for college

AMHERTS (WAOW)-- Everywhere you look it's games galore and good eating at the Portage County Fair in Amherst. Kids aren't just waiting to get on a ride but they see the fair as an opportunity to make some cash.

Shelby Stuczynski is a 4-h member and she auctions her pigs off at the fair. When asked what she plans to do with her earnings she says, "...take some for myself and use the rest for college."

This is Shelby's second year participating in the "Busy Bees 4-h Swine Project." It's a program that teaches kids about farm animals.

Fair Board President Tim Pederson says, "Kid's that are raising these animals learn from their experience that it takes, time and energy to get a finish product that they can sell."

4-h kid's also showed off their arts &crafts skills, along with vegetables and plants they grow from their own gardens; skill sets that may pay off when it comes to paying for college tuition.

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