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"Extreme Yard Makeover" is complete

After weeks of preparation, a team led by reviDESIGN spent one week on a transformation of Tony and Melanie Guckenberg's backyard.

"We are extremely overwhelmed with how it turned out," says Melanie. "I'm so excited. It's better than I imagined. It's so sophisticated and it's going to be a great place to host parties and host friends and we're planning the first one already."

It was a giant task to take on in a week, but it was executed beautifully. Tony and Melanie now have their dream backyard thanks to a team effort by several local business owners, who came out to see the final product.

reviDESIGN owner Jeff Nowak says, "When we came in, we started Monday morning and basically we got the grass down, everything completely revamped, large tear-outs, everything done by Friday was our plan for the big reveal today."

reviDESIGN, of course, did the design and landscaping work. Pinnacle Group donated the new patio set. Innovation Construction took care of the deck. Grebe's donated a leaf blower, a string trimmer, and a riding lawnmower. Window Box Garden, Gift, & Home, Northwoods Nursery, and Wausau Tile also chipped in on the project. After all this work, Nowak says he believes this beautiful new backyard is in good hands.

"Tony and Melanie have been great, putting up with the construction of everything going on back here, and just been very gracious, and it's awesome to see somebody who really wants, who will really care for a landscape after it's installed," says Nowak.

It's been a crazy past few weeks in the Guckenberg house. Tony says he was waiting for other news when he found out about winning the contest.

"The day we found out we were selected, I came home from work and she came running down the stairs, and I thought for sure we were having the baby," Tony says. "So I was freaking out, but again, she told me we won, so pretty happy right then."

I imagine he's pretty happy right now as well. With 4-week-old Christopher and a beautiful, extreme new backyard, it doesn't get much sweeter than this.

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