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People in the area dealing with the heat

MINOCQUA (WAOW) -- With all the heat moving in, people across North Central Wisconsin said they're doing everything they can to stay cool.

It's one of the hottest days of the year.

"This is just really, really hot," said Dan Topping.

Dan Topping has been visiting Minocqua for more than 20 years, and he said he's never experienced a summer like this one.

"This is just crazy, I mean, we've never had the extended period of plus 90 temperatures the way we're having this week."

He said jumping in the water, is the best way to cool off.

"At least we have the lakes up here to keep us cool, boating swimming, fishing, so we're able to get a little relief from the heat," said Topping.

Lifeguards said it's days like these that make their jobs a little more challenging.

"I would say to drink a lot of water like 65 ounces a day is what doctors recommend, if you're active and out in the heat," said Lifeguard Dana Roach.

She said spending time outdoors is a great way to enjoy the Northwoods, but with this heat wave, overheating is a real danger. That's why a local church lends a helping hand to those struggling to stay cool.

"Well, it's going to be hot, and people that don't have air conditioning need a place to be," said Volunteer Bob Nash.

Bob Nash is a volunteer at the United Methodist Church in Minocqua. He said with temperatures inching higher into the 90's, it's the community's job to look out for the visitors, and those who live here.

"I know several elderly people that don't handle hot weather well, and because they can't breathe well, I thought easy for me to come in and open the church and just be here to just be company," said Nash.

Meanwhile, officials said this week, the temperatures will likely climb even higher, and tourist Dan Topping said if that's the case he's staying inside.

"Wednesday is supposed to be like 96, that day we may just stay inside with the drapes closed," said Topping.

United Methodist Church, Minocqua: 715-356-3041

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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