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Outside jobs stand the heat

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Working up a sweat is no problem for workers in weather that feels like 100 degrees. A typical day's worth of work for seasonal jobs like landscaping.

Land Art Owner Kevin Cline says, "The old saying is you got to make money when the sun shines so you have to keep that in mind but you also have to keep in mind the health of the employees."

As the temperature rises they say the job must go on. But taking risks in the heat can be dangerous and even deadly.

Landscaper Kurt Siewert always plans ahead, "Make sure that you can maybe locate yourself on a job site in the afternoon in a shady spot versus working out in the direct sun. That's about all we can do and keep yourself hydrated."

Rob Johnson also works in the heat. He stocks coolers with beverages for a living. But going back and forth in and out of the heat can take its toll, "Well if you inside and you in there for a long time you get really cold and when you come outside you kind of start to a shiver, otherwise if your outside you sweat a lot and also when you go back in you shiver then as well."

Addional discomfort in the already relentless heat.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders

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