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Staying safe during hot temperatures

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- For an athlete, it's a challenge to escape this heat on one of the hottest days of the year.

"We usually have one day that's like in the 90's but not like 3 or 4 days or for these guys the entire week's is going to be super hot," said Tennis Coach Mark Resnick.

But tennis coach Mark Resnick said keeping his kids cool at camp, all comes down to one thing.

"Well, we take a lot of water breaks", said Resnick.

He said during those water breaks, it doesn't hurt to have a little fun.

"Good water gun fights, and we let them bring whatever they want, we have a slip and slide for them," said Resnick.

Doctor Heong P'ng with Ministry Saint Clare's Hospital in Weston said staying in the summer heat too long is dangerous for anyone.

"There are three categories of heat illnesses that we see and it goes by severity, the milder one are what we can heat cramps as it gets worse then it will progress to what we call heat exhaustion,  and the most severe one is called heat stroke," said Dr. P'ng.

Doctor P'ng said there's been quite a few patients treated this week for heat related illnesses at the hospital, and says that number could go up as the temperatures continue to climb, and people spend time outdoors.

He said the best advice he can give is know your limits. Coach Resnick adds it's a challenge holding tennis camp during these temperatures, but he takes extra precaution with the kids.

"Never do too much excessive exercise, running in the hot weather," said Resnick.

And rain or even a lot of shine, doesn't keep them from playing the sport.

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