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Concealed Carry Class in Rib Mountain

On July 8, Gov. Paul Walker signed a bill that permits concealed weapons.  Even though the law does not take effect until November 1, people are getting ready.

More than 30 people filed into a conference room on Saturday to learn proper safety when using a handgun.  And learn about the different types of handguns and ammunition.

After finishing the class, students earn a certificate to go toward a concealed carry permit.

Students have to send the certificate to the Department of Justice before they can get a permit.

"There's a lot of carelessness with gun safety, and I think it's important that everybody has an understanding of how to properly point your firearm, unload, and reload," said Chandler Myler, instructor of the class. 

Myler has been an instructor for three months and he said Saturday's class is twice the size of his usual classes. Typically, he sees 10 to 15 people.

Angel Scholund said she's familiar with how to handle a gun, but brought her daughter along so that she can learn as well.

"She says, 'Ma, I don't want to lift up a gun,'" said Scholund.  "I said, 'That's fine. I want you to have the knowledge in your head so that if there ever becomes a day that you do choose to pick up a gun, the information will be in your head."

Angel has completed a hunter/safety course, but is less familiar with handguns.

"The problem with smaller guns, I'm not comfortable because I've shot them a handful of times," Scholund said.  "So I'm not comfortable with them, and that's why I wanted to be here to get a better grasp."

Some people in the class say the right to bear arms shouldn't require a training course.

Class attendee Dennis Piper isn't one of them.

"Everybody should take these courses, and I think that there should be standard course for everybody," Piper said.  "They should complete in order to be able to do the open carry."

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