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State proposes to close 7 DMV's in Wisconsin

ABBOTSFORD (WAOW)- Long lines at the DMV aren't uncommon but closing some offices like Abbotsford may make those lines even longer.

Cody Kutil was at Wausau DMV today, "It's always an awful feeling when you walk in and then you see the number up at the scene say 84 something and then you look at the ticket and it says like 120."

This next Mid-January not only will some people have to wait in longer lines but will drive longer distances to reach a service center.

Abbotsford City Treasurer Jennifer Lopez say the changes in locations may confuse those who need a Wisconsin driver's license to vote.

"They will have to go to a Wisconsin motor vehicle location and that location will provide them with a free identification card. But of course their next question is going to be where is that and it's going to be 30 to 40 miles away from us."

Right now Abbotsford's office is open just one day a month.

The state budget require each DMV's to clock in 20 hours a week.

Officials say concentrating on fewer sites will give more reliable service.

Kristina Boardman says, "Some of our service locations are infrequent at 4 times a year and sometimes it's just a couple times a month so we weren't meeting the requirement there so we wanted to look at where's the best location within each county seat to provide this increased level of service."

That's something to look forward on your next trip to the DMV.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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