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Boop boop de doop!

WISCONSIN RAPIDS (WAOW) --  The animated cartoon character, Betty Boop, who graced the television sets of millions, visits Wisconsin Rapids for the 2nd annual Betty Boop Festival.

The cartoon sensation started back in 1930 when lead animator Grim Natwick created Betty Boop.  Natwick, originally from Wisconsin Rapids, first drew the character as a dog. But, when that wasn't popular he erased the ears and turned the drawing into Betty, a character that is well respected all over the world, especially in Rapids.

The festival began last year as a tribute to Natwick and the great cartoon on her 80th birthday.  It brought in people from all over the country, even the world.

A.J. Frells, an executive director for the Betty Boop Festival said, last year people came in from Spain, Texas, and California.  Bringing in a lot of tourism dollars and boosting the economy.

"We know that every tourism dollar turns around eleven times before it leaves the community," Frells explains. "That really gives us an economic influx for our area."

The festival offers other activities such as a Betty Boop look-a-like contest, a dance and a Grim Natwick Animated Film Festival, just to name a few.

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