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Simac responds to criticism over taxes

NORTHWOODS (WAOW) -- A Republican state senate candidate is defending herself over her taxes.

Kim Simac, who is running against Sen. Jim Holperin in Senate District 12, is under fire for her personal and property taxes.

Holperin has blasted Simac for complaining about the amount of taxes Wisconsin businesses pay, while not paying any taxes herself.

"She hasn't paid taxes and isn't legally obligated to pay taxes in Wisconsin for most of the last ten years," said Holperin. "I guess I would kind of question her sincerity and how much she does understand the plight of people and the circumstances of people who have to pay taxes in Wisconsin."

Simac, a small business owner, released a statement to Newsline 9 Thursday afternoon, saying, "My business has struggled in recent years...There have been years when my net income has fallen into a tax bracket that has no year end tax liability."

Simac says Holperin is trying to hide from his record of supporting taxes and fees.

"What Jim Holperin is really saying in his ads are that I and many other small business owners and individuals are too poor to run for public office," said Simac.

Holperin disagrees.

"She owns a business, and she's got a nice house and a nice horse ranch, drives cars, has a condominium and enjoys other life's luxuries," said Holperin. "And yet she has no tax obligation, leaving taxes to be paid by other hard-working families in the 12th senate district."

Simac is also under fire from political action groups for her property taxes. Newsline 9 discovered Simac has been delinquent on those tax payments for most of the past decade.

According to the Vilas County Treasurer, Simac owns three properties in that county. On two of those properties she was delinquent on her tax payments every year for the past nine years, except in 2008. Simac paid all outstanding property tax bills in June.

The treasurer's office says late property tax payments are fairly common. Holperin says Simac's property taxes are not an issue to him.

Simac and Holperin will face off in the general recall election on August 16.

Online Reporter: Daniel Woodruff

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