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Lighting, Shade & Climate Control

Living life with full control of one's choices and maximized command of one's environment is truly optimal living. The lighting and temperature of your home can greatly affect your life without you even realizing it, so why not make sure it's all in control?

Lighting & Shade Control

Lights are a necessity in any home, and require as much, if not more, thought and consideration as any other amenity since lighting is one of the most essential elements in dramatic design.

Windows can create a wonderful atmosphere in a home, and many homes are now including more and more windows and sunrooms. However, windows are not always an asset, such as late evening when you might prefer that your neighbors not be able to see straight into your living room or bedroom. Yet it can be a pain to go around the house twice a day, once in the morning to open the blinds, and once in the evening to close them. You may also wish to close them when you are out of the house, to avoid sun damage to your furniture.

To remedy this, it's important to determine the way in which you will control the lights of your home. And there's no better way to do that than with a lighting and shade control system. A Dream Theatres professional home systems installer can run the low-voltage wiring that ties the pieces of a lighting and shade control system together. Whether you're looking for ideas for a specific room, or interested in controlling the lights in and around your home with a whole-home system, Dream Theatres gives you the unlimited freedom to change the light that surrounds you. We provide integrated, multifunctional lighting, shade and design solutions. Innovative control systems bring drama and ambiance to any space.

Climate Control

When you're busy with the everyday concerns of life, the last thing you're thinking about is constantly adjusting the temperature of your home. Our fully automatic climate control systems offer superb comfort by ensuring the right temperature and climate environment at all times, whatever the weather outside. Sensors register every change of temperature or air quality and automatically adjust the climate accordingly throughout the entire home, no matter what room. The automatic thermostats we use can reduce your heating and cooling energy use during unoccupied hours creating a possible energy savings of 10%.

Let Dream Theatres help you realize your dream of an intelligent, comfortable home.

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