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Home Automation

 It's a cold winter morning and you're asleep - but your house isn't. Soon your alarm will sound, but before that, the heat is being turned up, motion detectors are shutting themselves off, the outside lights are dimming with the sunrise, and your blackout window shades silently open. All this before you've even opened your eyes!

For Your Family

Home automation gives you unlimited possibilities and it is easy to access, change and monitor your system via the web and telephone. Kids getting home from school or a date can be tracked with a phone call or an email. Parents have control over what and when TV is being watched, even when they're not at home.

For Your Security

Since security alarms typically are set off when you're not at home, automation allows you to check on your property from the office with video surveillance capabilities over the Internet from your office PC, PDA, or web-enabled phone. Home automation can be purchased in stages to meet your budget and needs. Home Automation is a technology that will truly simplify your life.

For Your Convenience

 How many remotes do you have on your coffee table right now? If you have a TV, DVD player and cable or satellite, then you have at least three. If you also have a surround sound receiver or a DVR, then you are up to four or five remotes!

And while it can be satisfying to be the go-to guy when a problem arises, it's frustrating when your family member has to call you, daily, to figure out why they don't have a picture when they turn the TV on.

Dream Theatres can solve all of these problems with one easy-to-use touchscreen remote that will eliminate that coffee table clutter and frustration, and let you fast forward right to the good part of movie night!

Home Automation and Control systems today are very comprehensive. They can change settings in your home as dictated by you on site or automatically. These systems permit easy changes to the temperature of your heating and cooling system, turning on lights, arming the security, listening to music, watching TV, playing a DVD, drawing the blinds, as well as turning on the Jacuzzi all from one place. This may sound complicated but Dream Theatres has taken the complexity out of it by making all of these activities possible with just a press of a button!

Our systems designers can help you to design a system that is either moderately automated or highly automated just give us a call and we'll design the system of your dreams!

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