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Water ski national championships in Tomahawk


TOMAHAWK (WAOW) -- 14 show ski teams, including Tomahawk's Kwahamot Ski Club made waves for bleachers full of spectators and judges.

Jumps, tricks and stacked high pyramids Wisconsin River is the place to watch a sport that some professionals say Wisconsin owns.

"As everyone should know Wisconsin is the home of amateur show skiing in the United States. Our organization made Wisconsin the region of itself because of the teams they have actively participating in this sport," said Bruce McCalmon of National Show Ski Association.

For the first time Wisconsin presents the National Show Ski Championships.

Performers are judged on their sound and show presentation.

Individual competitions in doubles, multi-jump, and freestyle all entertain the crowd while the teams compete for trophies.

But putting a show together of this magnitude takes local support and comes at a cost. An estimated total between 10 to 15,000 dollars, paid by the host team.

It took them more than a year to prepare for the event..

They improved the docks, build a platform for judges, sound booth and other maintenance to meet standards set forth by National Show Ski Association.

Local businesses sponsorships and grants help to get the funding required.

Local Organizer Mickey Loka says it's a pay off in the long run if the weekend is successful they may decide to come back.

"Lot of compliments from teams and officials already this weekend and we're hoping to keep that through Sunday night and then when it comes up the next time we bid, it is 2013 we're hoping that everyone said this is a great tournament and yeah let's go back to Tomahawk."

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9


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