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Wife Carrying Competition in Minocqua


Minocqua hosted the fourth annual Wife Carrying and Ferrying event on Sunday.

But you don't have to be married to take part.  Sherry Grisa and Lucas Behn are actually siblings.  This is their first race.

"There's stiff competition, we're all looking forward to it, can't say whether we'd win or lose," Behn said.

Ben and Amy Welnak are married, but they don't think that will help their chances much.

"If everyone else falls, we'll win, Ben said."

But they exceeded their own expectations.  Ben and Amy edged out the siblings to take first in the ferrying.

For that, they get Amy's weight in beer.  But there's a slight problem.

"We have a truck full of camping gear. We are going to try to pack as much as we can into the truck and give it away to the people here, Amy Welnak said."

And if weight determines the prize, it shouldn't be a secret, right?

"I would take most of the money if we win today, let's leave it at that," said Sherry Grisa, the sister in the sibling group.

This is a fun event, but the competition is fierce and technique is everything.

"Right on the shoulders, legs in front, she just hangs on," Ben Welnak said.

"For a guy you just got to keep a single minded focus, if she squeezes harder on your neck, or squeeze hard on your stomach, that's all you got to worry about," Behn said. 

The two couples didn't fare as well in the carry final.

But Amy isn't going to let her husband Ben find a new partner next year to win the that title.

"I think he's out of luck with that," Amy said.  "He's kind of stuck with me. Maybe I'll lose some weight."

But if she did that, there'd be less beer.

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