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Rhinelander's severe weather sirens


RHINELANDER (WAOW)-- It's a warning signal that a storm is approaching, but Rhinelander in Oneida County sounds their sirens for any severe weather that may be dangerous.

Fire Chief Terry Williams said, "Even a severe thunderstorm has the potential to really cause a lot of damage and be dangerous to the citizens."

However, that's not the case in our other viewing areas.

Marathon and Portage county Emergency Leaders said tornado sirens go off only if there's a tornado warning.

In a recent Newsline 9 interview, Emergency Management Leaders said they want to avoid crying wolf by using sirens only for tornado warnings, and so people take the warnings seriously.

Some people living in Rhinelander said they don't always take precaution when they hear the sound.

Rhinelander Resident Rochelle Beck said, "It's something you just kind of get used to, it almost becomes background."

"You would really just be wasting your time if you went in the basement every time the alarm went off,"said Resident Jeremy Monk.

But Rhinelander's Fire Chief doesn't see it that way.

"The sooner you can alert somebody that something dangerous is coming to them, the better anybody can be prepared for that event. So you may not be able to lessen the amount of damage but you can certainly lessen the amount of injuries or life lost."

But people like beck say there should be an alternative.

"It may be helpful if maybe there were two different siren warnings, maybe one for tornados and then one for severe weather just so that everyone takes more concern over what the sirens for."

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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