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Extra Innings With the Woodchucks: Coleman Finds his Stride


Woodchucks third baseman Austin Coleman can really hit.

Since the start of August, he's been hard to hold down.

"Body's finally knowing what adjustments to make, day by day, game by game," Coleman said.

The Cal State San Marcos student is among the team leaders in home runs, but he doesn't necessarily swing for the fences.

"You try to hit line drives, home runs are mistakes, but I've just been hitting mistakes lately," Coleman said.  "I'm not a fast guy or anything, so extra base hits are the key for me."

New interim 'Chucks manager Erik Supplee can break it down a bit more technically than Austin does.

"When he keeps his nose on it and uses the right center field gap, he's a good guy for us," Supplee said.  "And that's what he's been doing lately."

Austin has been on a tear lately. He says that's just part of his game. That he's prone to these hot and cold spells.

"I'm a hot streaky hitter, so you never know when it's going to turn around," Coleman said.  "Hopefully until the end of the season."

"When you're hot, it's easy, when you're cold, the world's crashing down on your shoulders," Supplee said.  "He's done a good job of holding that weight, and now breaking through it."

Sometimes, it's just a matter of staying ahead of your competition.

"The book's out on him in the league," Supplee said.  "Everybody throws him the same way, and he's making the adjustments now, and it's really paying off for him."

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