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Endocrinologist testifies in Ploman trial


WAUSAU (WAOW) --  The trial of the Kronenwetter man accused of driving while intoxicated and killing his wife and child continues with a focus on medical evidence.

Dr. John Carroll, Ploman's personal endocrinologist took the stand on Monday. 

Dr. Carroll testified that, in his opinion, Ploman suffered from acute hypoglycemia during the time of the crash.

He testified that Ploman's three previous diabetic incidents all showed similiar characteristics and the rollover in October was no different.

Dr. Carroll said physical and emotional stress could cause blood sugar levels to rise, even if a person is hypoglycemic.

But, the state argued that Dr. Carroll had no way of knowing what Ploman's blood sugar level was prior to the crash, and to say it was high could not be determined.

The state also proved, through questioning of Dr. Carroll, that diabetes could not alter blood alcohol levels, no matter what.

Earlier in the day, other witnesses testified about the ability of Ploman to operate a car. A family friend stated that he was not worried about Ploman having too much to drink.

Joshua Epps, the young man who stopped at the scene that night in October, said he did not see Ploman stumbling or slurring his words.

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