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DC Everest teachers move into new classrooms


ROTHSCHILD (WAOW) -- Fourth grade teacher, Tina Speigel said it was difficult at first to hear Schofield Elementary school was shutting down.

"I think my biggest reaction was to the kids, I was concerned for them, that they would make a good transition to their new school," said Speigel.

But now with about 50 boxes ready to be unpacked with books and school supplies, she said she's slowly settling in to her new classroom at Rothschild Elementary.

"I guess I'm in the process of unpacking and putting things back into an organization that's functional for the classroom," said Speigel.

Speigel is just one of the teachers from Schofield and Easton Elementary Schools who will start the year at a different school next week.

Newsline 9 told you earlier this year when school leaders decided to shut down those schools to save on costs.

Students who originally attended Easton, will now go to Hatley Elementary, and former Schofield students will now go to either Weston, Rothschild, or Evergreen.

DC Everest Superintendent Kristine Gilmore said while it was a difficult choice, doing so saved some important school programs.

"If you have difficulties in reading, we were able to save our reading interventions, class size was another thing," said Gilmore.

Principals at those schools said they have events planned to help both returning and new students with the transition.

"We're planning a special celebration on the first day, a special welcome and it will be all the kids coming together," said Hatley Elementary School principal, Julianne Fondell.

"We're going to be doing things as the year goes on trying to make sure that those students are all adjusted well," said Rothschild Principal, Ron Forman.

Just days away from the first day of school, Speigel said she's excited for the new year, but said there's still plenty of work to do.

"Make it look more like a welcoming place instead of storage room," said Speigel.

School starts September 1st.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano 

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