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Whiting Dam is Inspected


Inspection of the leaky McDill Pond Dam in the Village of Whiting is complete.

The Portage County Highway Commission finished it up Wednesday. Officials have known about a leak in the Whiting Dam since June.

Because of it, the McDill Pond has been drained and County Highway HH closed.

The Portage County Highway Commission inspected the dam this week, taking a big step toward finding out the kind of damage the leak did.

"It's going to help determine if there's been any compromise, what the future may hold, if it's going to need extensive repairs, or, if it's going to need some minor repairs," said Whiting President Paul Stroik.  "We won't know until we get the information analyzed."

The results of the inspection will be known in about two weeks.  From there, a decision will be made as to whether repairs will suffice, or if the dam will need replacing.

What highway officials are doing today is drilling a booring, essentially a hole in the ground, to figure out the strength of the concrete.

The village president doesn't want to put a timetable on when the road will open, but he does want to finish it up by early September, when area schools begin.

"It's an inconvenience, but I'm glad they're taking care of it," said Doug Schneider, whose children attend nearby Ben Franklin Middle School.  "I'm glad they caught it when they did."

He already has a plan for dropping off his kids.

"We'll just have to leave a little early, in terms of timing, we'll probably take the bus a lot more often," Schneider said. 

It cost $25,000 to inspect the dam.  Portage County and Stevens Point helped pay.

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