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Murder mystery still unsolved after five years


TOWN OF HULL (WAOW) --  It's been five years since Ken Juedes was shot to death in his home in the town of Hull.

On the morning of August 30th 2006, Cindy Schulz Juedes found her husband shot to death in their bed.  She had been sleeping in a camper on the property the night before.  Newsline 9 spoke to Cindy in October 2007.

"I keep hoping everyday that I'm going to wake up and I'm going to be back on the farm.. and it's going to be a dream. But it isn't," a tearful Cindy explained three years ago.

Five years later, there are still no answers.  But investigators say they aren't giving up hope.

"In my mind it is not a cold case. This is a type of case that while right now we consider circumstantial--it could be one key piece of evidence that could really break this case wide open and go forward," Det. Sean McCarthy, the lead detective on the murder case, explained.

Juedes had a lot of community ties. He was a pharmacist in Medford, and was involved at Monster Hall Raceway.  His ties, investigators say, made the case more complicated.

Earlier this month the family offered a $20,000 reward for anyone with information that would lead to the arrest of the murderer. But, so far, they haven't heard a thing.

"This is far worse for the family. What they have to go through. They are the victims here," Det. McCarthy said.

Investigators say they do have some circumstantial evidence. But, it is the lack of physical evidence, like the murder weapon, that have slowed them down.

"I still think there is information from Cindy or others who have intimate knowledge of the crime," McCarthy explains.

Cindy remains a strong person of interest in the case. Investigators haven't heard from her since February 2009.

And while investigators continue to look for clues, they will try to bring justice to the family.

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