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Promotional calendar created to reel in visitors


BOULDER JUNCTION (WAOW)--A calendar featuring local fishing guides is causing quite the stir in Boulder Junction. Twelve guides posed for the promotion, aimed at increasing tourism in the area.

Boulder Junction is home to beautiful water views, great musky fishing and now, calendar boys.

"I've had people stop me on the street for the last week and say hey can I get your autograph?" said Erv Keller, Mr. April.

The Chamber of Commerce came up with the idea, but not everyone was on board at first. "The first idea was that we would do a guide calendar and we would do it in the buff and we said no you don't want to see that," said Vice President and Mr. December Bob Bertch.

But once the Chamber opted for a more clothed look, fishing guides were eager to participate. From a leprechaun in April to Santa Clause on the December page, the guides weren't afraid to dive right in. The "Reel" men of Boulder Junction are already reeling in the dough. They've sold almost 100 calendars at 10 dollars a pop.

For these anglers, fishing and working in Boulder Junction is a passion, and they're happy to help promote the area. "This is an amazing town. All the lakes we have here are pristine, crystal clear, they're full of fish," said Marty Clauson.

Tom Swanson said, "I'm willing to do anything that will help promote Boulder Junction and Chamber of Commerce."

Anything that is, as long as it doesn't involve taking any clothes off.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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