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Everything must go at Sav-O


WAUSAU (WAOW) --  Going once, going twice. Everything must go at Sav-O Supply.

What was once a condemned warehouse, just north of downtown Wausau, is now a picker's dream.  For Jeremy White, the auction is a chance to make a quick buck.

"Like most, I have a family to support so I need to make money anyway I can, and an auction is a good way. Whether it be metal or selling antiques," White said.

Among the bargain hunters were David Wiegand and Chuck Strek, directors for Habitat For Humanity.  At Friday's auction they were hoping to find valuables to later sell, and help fund the non-profit they care so much about.

"We like to donate whatever we can, and if we just donate our time at the end of the day we feel good," Strek said.

But, they weren't so fortunate when it came to the auction.  Most items were second-hand, not suitable for building.

And "new" just doesn't describe these hidden gems.

As bidders tipped their hands in approval, boxes of second hand memories were selling fast, and cheap.  One person's trash turned out to be another bidders treasure.

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