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Veterans gather for 50th Reunion


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Nearly 300 veterans are reuniting this weekend in Wausau, some after not seeing each other for 50 years. The veterans are part of the First Battalion of the 105th Armor, and the First Battalion of the 632nd Armor that served in Fort Lewis and in Germany.

For Leo Konkell, walking around the Armory in Wausau brings back plenty of memories.

"Brings back a whole lot, actually I've been gone from this area for 50 years, so getting together with the old people, 50 years ago was a long time," said Konkell.

After serving in the Wisconsin National Guard during the Berlin Crisis, Konkell said he moved to Colorado. He said just being back in Wausau is a treat, but catching up with old friends, makes it that much better.

"People who are here run into each other, and talk back and forth but because I've been gone for 50 years it's quite a reunion," said Konkell.

As part of the reunion, members of the First Battalion of the 105th Armor and the First Battalion of the 632nd Armor had the chance to check out some of the National Guard's new equipment.

From weapons, and aircrafts to trucks, Konkell said a lot has changed since he was in uniform.

"Well, we look at the new technology, and that's way beyond where we were at. We understand what the tank out front looks like, and we were talking about that. I never got to drive the tank but I road on top of it," said Konkell.

And his friend Jerry Kell agrees.

"Everything they got here is better than what we had," Kell said.

Robert Reuter is also in Wausau for the 50 year reunion, and while he's been no stranger to the new technology, and has remained involved with the military, he makes light of how much time has gone by. 

"Through the year, faces change. We were looking at pictures. You don't recognize the faces then, you look at them now, you don't recognize the faces now," said Reuter.

Organizers of the reunion held a dance, dinner, and golf outing throughout the weekend.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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