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Baby Joseph Dies In His Sleep


(CNN)--A Canadian family is saying goodbye to their infant son, who spent months at the center of an end-of-life debate.

Widely-known in the media as "Baby Joseph", the 20-month-old died in his sleep Tuesday afternoon, at his home in Ontario.

Joseph suffered from a progressive neurological disease.

The same illness claimed the life of his sister in 2002.

Several months ago, his parents made headlines by fighting a Canadian hospital's recommendation to take him off his breathing tube and let him die.

The hospital refused the family's request to perform a tracheotomy on Joseph, so they could use suction to remove fluid from his lungs.

But Joseph's case caught the attention of a Catholic pro-life group, who ultimately paid for him to have the operation in a Missouri hospital.

A family spokesman says Joseph was able to spend the last few months in relative peace, at home with his parents.

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