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Sports fans find a way


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Not even a wedding could stop this Wisconsin sports fan from supporting his teams.

Brian Musser wore his brewer jersey on top of his dress shirt before his cousin's wedding, "Going to be here for my cousin's wedding but going to try to catch the games at the same time."

He spent his Saturday going back and forth between the wedding and the bar.

"Hopefully I won't miss too much, hopefully not be on my phone too much during the wedding, checking the scores," said Musser.

He's not the only one making sacrifices for his teams.

We caught up with Lance Abraham at Loppnows bar just in time for the Badgers kickoff.

He said staying up late to watch the Badgers game is worth it, even though he has to get up early for work.

"Maybe have an extra energy drink in the morning or an extra coffee, whatever it takes to keep going at work but I am not missing this game, no way, no how," said Lance Abraham.

Ask a true sports fan and they'll tell you that nothing stands in their way.

"Whether if it's phone, internet, TV, radio, asking somebody on your way to the bar what's the score, whatever it takes," said Abraham.

A strategy shared by fellow Badger Believer Brian Musser

"I let my cousin know that his wedding may turn into a brewer/badger party tonight," said Musser.

For Musser and Abraham there's no compromise when it comes to their favorite teams.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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