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Catch the fall colors


MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- It's the crunching and the piles of leaves why Nicole Muller and her two little girls love most about the fall.

"They jump in them, throw them all over the place, and throw them at each other," said Nicole Muller.

Rib Mountain Ranger William Burshaw said it's the color that especially has people out and about.

"Usually in Mid-September, on the north-side we'll start to see the reds come out. You'll see a strip of red actually change and when we get into to October, more of the yellow and golds come out," said William Burshaw.

People can see the fall colors from high above the trees, or at eye-level on the shores.

Some people decided to soak in the panoramic view at Radtke Park in Wausau.

"When your out here, you don't feel dike your in the middle of the city, you feel like you could be anywhere in the north woods," said Darien Schaefer from the Wausau Visitors Bureau.

And some people decided to look at the scenery from the top of Rib Mountain.

Kimberly Mead rode the char-lift at Rib Mountain and she said, "You get to see a little bit of everything, see the city and get to see the trees, and it's beautiful on the way up-on the ski lift."

Officials said now is the perfect chance to see the best color.

"We've really got a great range of orange and yellow...I would say we're probably at peak or just about peak color right now," Darien Schaefer said.

So enjoy the fall colors before winter takes over.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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