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People in Wausau join state-wide call for jobs plan approval


WAUSAU (WAOW)--People in Wausau took to the streets Thursday to ask Representative Sean Duffy to support President Obama's jobs plan. More than a dozen people gathered in front of Duffy's office because they say the plan will bring jobs to Wisconsin.

"We're always looking for ways to do without," said Al Peltier of Amherst Junction. He said he has been out of work for three years, and he's still trying to get back on his feet. "I mean, this is not what America is about. We've been fighting our whole lives."

That's why he wants Congressman Sean Duffy to back the President's jobs plan. People took to the streets in Wausau and across the state to try and drum up support.

"They want to keep messing with us? Well, we'll mess right back," said retired teacher Cecile Stelzer Johnson.

According to the White House, Wisconsinites would benefit from a payroll tax cut under Obama's plan. Estimates say a typical household in Wisconsin making about $50,000 dollars would receive a tax cut of about $1,500 dollars.

But Congressman Duffy's Communications Director said the President's first stimulus package failed. In a statement, she said "instead of campaigning for a second stimulus, we should be focused on extending the payroll tax holiday, regulatory reform and corporate tax reform - things that both parties agree we should do. "

Peltier said both sides need to come together somehow, so people like him can get back to work.

"All politics aside, union, non-union, doesn't matter. America is America and we need to stand up for it and we need to work."

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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