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Local lawmakers speak out about job plan


WAUSAU (WAOW) --   President Obama in back on the road pushing for his jobs plan.  It hit a road block last week when Senate Republicans, and a few Democrats, blocked it.  Now, the President is pushing to pass as many parts of the plan as possible.

"What we're going to do is break up my jobs bill -maybe they couldn't understand the whole thing at once, we're going to break it up into bite- sized pieces," President Obama said.

But even breaking it apart doesn't mean republican lawmakers from our state will be on board.

"I don't favor a stimulus two. I don't favor the government borrowing and spending money. It is not going to lead us to economic growth, prosperity, jobs," Representative Sean Duffy from the 7th District said.

Congressman Duffy says government needs a different approach to create jobs.

"We have to set up an environment where our private sector can grow. They made this country great, not government spending," Rep. Duffy explains.

But President Obama says by blocking his jobs plan, Republicans are saying "no" to Americans.

"Too many out of work, too many looking for sense of security that's been slipping away now," Obama said.

Representative Reid Ribble also disagrees with parts of the President's plan.  But, he says lawmakers need to start working together.

"There are some things we can do to move pieces of his plan forward. We will take the best of his plan forward and the best of our and put them together to move forward," Rep. Ribble says.

The Senate is expected to vote soon on one part of the President's plan, that would set aside $35-billion for rehiring teachers, police, and firefighters.

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