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Travel from Wausau gets easier


PORTAGE (WAOW) -- The Portage Amtrak station bus line now connects directly to Wausau.

Passengers can now hop on a bus going back and forth between Wausau and Portage, which will take them to an Amtrak train anywhere.

Amtrak and Lamers Bus in Wausau are making traveling to Milwaukee and Chicago more convenient.

"This is a new route that connects to our schedule to Columbus and in Portage that Lamers initiated and we work close with them and other carriers we use for Amtrak Thruway service," said Jon Evenson, Lamers terminal manager. "As soon as the schedule was launched and we saw it connects with our trains, we decided to work together to add this route to our network."

Lamers worked with Amtrak to add the route last July, and it went into effect Tuesday.

"So now for the for the first time for passengers who want to go east on Amtrak or west on Amtrak have a good viable connection option, the eastbound in Milwaukee the westbound in Portage," said Evenson.

Perry McGreck relies on the bus to travel Wisconsin. He says he's excited about the changes.

"It's cheaper to ride the bus than is it to pay for gas and have to drive, and a lot for people aren't able to drive so without it they'd be stuck," said McGreck.

The terminal manager for Lamers says he expects more positive responses.

"We've got a lot of passengers that use our bus service to connect with Amtrak in Milwaukee now going east, so we've had interest from passengers for our westbound connection on Amtrak since we began our service in July," said Evenson.

Lamers and Amtrak are also giving passengers an all-inclusive stop for buying tickets. People can now buy tickets that will combine the bus and train for the same trip. Visit or call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Amtrak also provides an app for iPhone customers.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders

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