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82-year-old Wausau woman still teaching ice skating


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- A Wausau woman says ice skating is easier for her than walking.  That could have something to do with that fact that she's been on the blade nearly all her life.

Charlotte Hoecker hit the ice for the first time in the 1930's.

 "I just loved it", she says.  My dad was the one that taught us children how to skate.  My brother and sister just liked it. I loved it."

That love jumped and twirled and eventually became a passion, one she started spreading to others in her teens when she started giving lessons.

Eventually, Charlotte got so good she joined a professional ice show; if only for a brief spin.

"They kept weighing us every week and I was under weight."

Now, more than fifty years later, at the age of 82, Charlotte is still skating and still teaching.

Bill and Bernadette Dohr have been her students for the last year.  But it wasn't skating they were originally interested in.

Bill says, "Charlotte talked me into it.  She said it would be good exercise for downhill skiing so I came out and tried it."

And Bill and his wife agree it has helped.   Admittedly not spring chickens themselves the pair had a concern before hitting the ice.

"Lots of worries. Lots, Bernadette says.  No, just one worry.  That I was going to fall and maybe break something."

Luckily all their bones are intact and now they can say their love for the sport is too.  Although the Dohr's say they aren't sure how long they'll keep it up one thing is clear with their teacher.  She isn't quitting any time soon.  In fact, she says skating keeps her youthful.

Charlotte adds, "People think I'm a lot younger than I am and a lot of people say it's because you're skating."

Charlotte gives weekly lessons and has a handful of students but she's still looking for more!  She says you can sign up at the Marathon Park Ice Rink.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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