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Occupy Wall Street protests reach Stevens Point

STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- A crowd of protesters brought Occupy Wall Street demonstrations to downtown Stevens Point.

Protesters hit the pavement in Stevens Point to bring an international movement to Central Wisconsin.

People backing Occupy Wall Street said one of the reasons they're upset is because large banks were bailed out with tax payer money, and those struggling in the tough economy are facing the consequences.

"They took that money and did not re-invest it in the communities," said Occupy Stevens Point Organizer Kate Carson.

She said another issue affecting people right here in Central Wisconsin is budget cuts.

"We are now seeing cuts to our education. I'm looking at not being able to go to school next year if the pell grant gets cut. There are people who depend on medicare, and social security," said Carson.

Julie Schneider lives in Stevens Point. She told Newsline 9 she's happy to see such a large movement reach her community. 

"I think it's because it's also in small town America where people are hurting just as much as everywhere else," said Schneider.

Protesters said it's not about party lines, but calling attention to the need for jobs, and for the economy to turn around.

But not everyone agrees the protests are not partisan.

"It's portrayed as an instantaneous uprising. I don't think it is, I think it's pretty orchestrated," said Minnesota resident, Todd Briguet.

People with Occupy Stevens Point said they hope more support grows on a local level so their messages, along with those across the nation, can be heard.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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