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October Jefferson Award Winner: Leota Davis


MERRILL (WAOW)--Leota Davis is always on the move. "I love being with people," Davis said. "I love talking with people. I really enjoy it."

She enjoys days spent here, there and anywhere but her own home. "My grandkids say if you we can't find you your at the Eagles Club, the hospital or with one of the grandkids."

Davis volunteers at Good Samaritan Hospital in Merrill. You'll find her in the gift shop or delivering juice and magazines to patients.

"I enjoy meeting old friends and making new friends," Davis chuckled. "Just the joy you see on people's faces when you are delivering things, they are so appreciative." 

Before Davis became an avid volunteer, she spent 31 years teaching in Merrill area schools. "They would tease me that I never got out of 7th grade." Many of those students who once sat in her classroom remain a part of her life. "It's amazing I come across a lot of my former students. They are always willing to come up and say hi."

Davis started volunteering after the death of her husband. These days she does it to stay young. "Seeing the joy on people's faces, trying to wipe away the sadness you see makes it worth it." And she gets as much from it as she gives. "They are so happy someone is willing to help them and you don't see enough of that now a days."


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