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An old landfill could become a sports complex


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- A place once used for dumping trash is being looked at as a spot for scoring goals.

The wide-open space at an old landfill site has been left untouched for almost 15 years, and it could be a moneymaker and give kids in our area a competitive edge.

"A lot of communities have done exactly what we are trying to do and it's been turning out to be a very profitable or a very exciting venture for everybody and the communities," said Dick Barrett of the Wausau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The land is managed by former workers of the landfill

The group of Wausau residents and business owners want to turn the old landfill at the east end of Kent Street into a sports complex, including 15 soccer fields that would host major tournaments in Wausau.

"Although we have a lot of soccer fields all over the area, there all spread all over the place, they can't hold a tournament unless they have a certain number of soccer fields on site," said Dave Eisenreich of the Holtz-Krouse Steering Committee.

In the past, Wausau hosted a tournament at D.C. Everest that brought many visitors to the area.

Visitor's Bureau Dick Barrett said the sports complex could have a huge impact on the local economy,"The 50 teams we had last year, we were right around the half-million dollar economic impact, with those 50 teams and this facility we can make that a million dollar impact or greater."

Duronet Charles is a coach with the MC United Soccer Club.

He said turning the old landfill into soccer fields is a win-win situation, "I think it will generate more interest in soccer in general but also economically there's a gain there."

Group members said they've been waiting to put the land to use.

"It's has a major impact on the community, it certainly will be good for the kids. We take a site that's pretty much in the center of Wausau and do something with it, make it productive," said Dave Eisenreich of the Holtz-Krouse Steering Committee.

Property managers and city leaders are awaiting a bill to pass regarding the future of the land.

They want to start construction soon so soccer players can hit the field.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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