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GAB election specialists outline voter ID law


STEVENS POINT (WAOW)--Wisconsin's new voter ID law goes into effect next February. Election officials outlined the changes in store for voters at a discussion Monday at the Lincoln Center.

"It's key that they know there isn't a special voter id that they need to have," said Government Accountability Board Election Specialist David Buerger.

The biggest change: voters will need to have an acceptable form of photo ID in order to cast their ballot. Some people voiced concern that a Technical College ID won't be accepted under the new law, but Buerger said that's why election officials are holding informational sessions before the law goes into effect. That way, people can make other arrangements.

"A lot of people are going to be able to meet this requirement, but there are going to be those that have difficulty and that's what the Government Accountability Board is here to do is to educate people," said Buerger.

Residency requirements are also changing. You will need to live at one address for at least 28 days to be able to vote. The current requirement is ten days.

The new bill also does away with straight-ticket voting, meaning you can no longer check one box at the top of the ballot to vote for every candidate of a particular political party.

Voter Michele Bjella said the new regulations can be confusing, but that shouldn't turn people away from the polls. "If we can all help each other understand and if there are some government agencies that we can call to pin it down, I don't think it should turn anybody away," she said.

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Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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