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Remembering the Ramada Inn


STEVENS POINT (WAOW) --  More than one-hundred people will lose their jobs, when the Ramada Inn and Tilted Kilt Restaurant close this Sunday.  But, for the community of Stevens Point, this is about more than jobs.  It is about history.

Vivian and Vernon Moss have seen and heard it all.

"We were paying attention to the band. They gave us an autograph picture and a record. The rest is history," Vivian Moss says.

Built in 1969, the Ramada Inn used to be the Holiday Inn. In its hay day, it was the only convention center in the city. Bringing in big names like Johnny Cash, Marie Osmond, and Wayne Newton.

Viv and Vern saw them all.

"We could hardly believe it. I think that's what started our interest. Johnny Cash, oh so many big celebrities," Vivian said.

The music loving duo can't even count the number of musicians they've met over the years. And although the name has changed, the Moss' say it was always the place to be.

"It was such a big thrill, to have something like that come to Stevens Point," Vernon said.

When the news came the Ramada Inn was closing, a sense of sadness washed over them.

"We wish we could go back," Vivian said as she looked across the table at her husband of 47 years.

And what started as a fun hobby for the happy couple, turned into a passion. 

A piece of the Ramada, and what it used to be, will always live on. The Moss' donated dozens of photo albums, capturing the most famous moments.

"Something great went on in this town and now I hope people go see it at the Historical Society. They can see what they were missing," Vernon said.

And although it has been years since they've seen a show, the building, and the memories it helped create will always be with them.

"All our memories will be there, forever. We still have our pictures," Vivian said.

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