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Investigating Wausau's haunts


WAUSAU (WAOW)--One Wausau group has spent more than a decade investigating paranormal activity in Central Wisconsin. "Once in a while if I'm here by myself I sort of look over my shoulder if you will," said Wausau Elk Henry Lamovec.

He said he's experienced some frights while walking the hallowed halls of the Elks Lodge.

"You find yourself sometimes saying, it's possible," he said.

Members have reported seeing ghosts of members past, and a hand of poker mysteriously set out on a card table in the downstairs bar at the club.

Shawn Blaschka has spent the past 11 years studying supposedly haunted homes and buildings. "I've been a few places when you get home and you lay down and get to bed and you think, how can this stuff be?"

The Wausau Paranormal Research Society consists of nine members who use special tools to gauge temperature and electromagnetic fields--all in the hopes of uncovering haunts.

"It's probably the rush when something exciting happens or you find some sort of paranormal activity that you can't explain," said Blaschka.

Other locations they've scouted over the years include the Grand Theater and the old Wausau Club. But not everyone believes the readings and stories. Blaschka said that's ok.

"I have no problem with someone that has a hard time believing this stuff, but I guess the one thing that I would ask is that you keep an open mind."

An open mind, and calm nerves. For more information about WPRS, and to find out about Haunted Wausau tours, click on the following link:

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton


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