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Safety tips for Trick-or-Treat


MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- What does a pumpkin, fairy, and Spiderman have in common?

They are dressed and ready for candy.

Law enforcement in our area said safety starts with the costume. 

Brenda Pellowski, a police officer with the Everest Metropolitan Police Department said, "Be sure that the costume fits them well, a lot of times they put the big masks over their face and they can't see that could be a tripping hazard and make sure their legs are able to walk decent without falling, especially if they have to go up the steps at a door."

For grandparents like Bob and Sherry Popko it's not their first generation of trick-or-treaters.

"You never know with a kid going door-to-door by themselves and you just want to make sure your watching out for all the kids not just your own," said Sherry Popko.

The Popko's are trick-or-treating with their grand kids.

Law enforcement said making sure you go with your kids is a good idea.

"Always carry a flashlight, walk on the side of the road, and just keep in mind that the cars can't see you as well so extra caution is needed."

And the candy?

"Check their candy and make sure everything is safe, wrapped and packaged correctly," said Sherry Popko.

The streets soon to be filled with trick-or-treaters, law enforcement said only go to houses with the porch light on.

"Just go to the door and that's it. Never go inside the house and that's why have an adult as an extra precaution to make sure everyone stays safe," said Brenda Pellowski from Everest Metro. Police Department.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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