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Concealed carry rules vary depending on where you go

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- The new concealed carry law can be confusing since the rules can change with every building you enter.

"I could see why it could make some people nervous, carrying concealed weapons around, but I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal," said Cameron Diedrich, who lives in Athens.

"My husband and I have four children so it does make me a little nervous or leery to know that I could have my children in a place, a public area, where somebody could be concealing a gun," said Tami Enquist, who lives in Wausau.

But the law has exceptions. Business owners can put up signs saying they don't want customers to bring in concealed weapons. And people drinking at restaurants or taverns cannot carry either.

"I do like that some of the places here in town are saying you cannot bring a gun onto the premises," said Enquist.

Many hospitals in the area have set up similar rules. Officials with St. Clare's and Aspirus said no weapons are allowed on their grounds. The same rules apply at the Marathon County library. County leaders decided not to allow concealed weapons inside.

"If people really wanted to carry a weapon around, they didn't really get checked before if they had weapons and were carrying it around town," said Diedrich.

Some local businesses, like Pick 'N Save, allow people to bring in concealed weapons. The store's owners said they follow the same rules in their Minnesota locations.

Kwik Trip officials give the green light as well.

People can also carry concealed weapons at fish hatcheries or state parks, like Rib Mountain.

Even though concealed weapons are allowed in a number of places, not anyone can just start carrying. The law requires several hours of training and a permit in order to do it legally.

Schools across the state are off-limits for people carrying concealed weapons. Some Wausau school leaders said they plan to put up signs to remind people of the rule.

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