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78-year old Wausau man sets golf record


WAUSAU (WAOW) --  At 78-years young, Warren Fabel says his golf game is coming together.

On Tuesday, Fabel played the game of his life, and set a record at Greenwood Hills Country Club by golfing his age. 78 strokes for the 78-year old man.

"A golfer of my caliber has those days every once in a while, but not often," Fabel said. "A little bit of luck and the fact that it was one of those days where everything went right. I didn't hit any bad shots. I didn't lose any golf balls."

At the country club, a congratulations sign hangs on the door.

"I'm very happy, very proud. I have been close to doing this in the past. I had always hoped that I could break 80," Fabel said.

But out on the course you won't find him in a golf cart. Instead, he walks the greens.

"That helps keep the rhythm. They (his group) don't take long breaks, it is on to the next shot and can't concern himself with mis-hits," Kerry Fitzgerald, golf professional at Greenwood Hills Country Club, said.

And that rhythm even impresses the professionals.

"Just getting up to that age is amazing. And then playing at a high level like Warren does is even more incredible," Fitzgerald said.

The retiree has been playing golf all his life. But, it wasn't until retirement that he developed a passion for the sport.

"It's a sport where you're competing against yourself and you have no one to blame but yourself," Fabel said.

But Fabel isn't letting this new found fame get to his head.

"I'll just go out and play the game next time," Fabel said.

But, he says he will walk tall.

"I have too, I am pretty short already," Fabel said with a laugh.

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