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The freshman fifteen: myth or reality?

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Incoming college students might not need to worry about the so-called "Freshman 15."

A new study shows most college students don't gain that much weight in their first year.  Researchers discovered the average freshman gains about three pounds during the school year.  That's about the same as people that age who don't go to college.

Chimdiya Okoroji is a freshman at UW-Marathon County. 

"For me, it (the freshman fifteen) is kind of true. I fee like I have gained so much weight since I've been here," Okoroji said.

She says being on campus has changed her life. And, meal time is not what it used to be.

"I don't work out as much as I used to. At home I had small portions, here you can go up for seconds and I feel like I eat more," Okoroji said.

Okoroji was an athlete in high school. Now, she says a busy schedule and a social life are keeping her busy.

"I try to go running but I find my friends are doing something else so then I just do that," Okoroji said.

Samantha Bulgran, a registered dietician at Wausau Aspirus Hospital says that is not an uncommon decision for college students.

"When people go to college, a lot of things change. Their eating habits, their lifestyle. It can get to be a hard thing to balance," Bulgran said.

But, some UWMC freshman say they are finding ways to stay fit.

"I got together a group of friends and we run around marathon park," Megan Norks said.

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