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EAS Test scheduled for 1pm Wednesday

WISCONSIN (WAOW) - At 1pm Wednesday, November 9th your radios and televisions will switch from regular programming to a test of the Emergency Alert System.  This includes all tv, radio, cable and satellite shows.  It's expected to last 30 seconds. 

Viewers and listeners are asked to not be alarmed.  Do not call 9-1-1.  Simply remember this is a test.

The test is designed to search for any bugs in the alert system.  It should also identity any improvements that need to be made.  But as you experience this test, emergency leaders ask you to keep in mind your own emergency plan at home, at work and in your community.

Click here for a link to Ready Wisconsin, which helps you design a plan in case of an actual emergency.

The EAS message is a test of the warning system that allows for the President of the United States to address Americans during times of extreme emergencies.  It's similar to other emergency alerts sent out by state and local governments.  But this is the first time the system will be broadcast across the country.

Click here for EAS Test information.

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