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Early winter storm sparks budget concerns

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- It's time to wipe the dust off of the snow plows, and get them ready for what could be Central Wisconsin's first winter storm.

"Leaf pick up is down now, and we're ready for the snow," said Wausau Public Works Superintendent Don Skare.

With the storm expected to leave several inches of snow across central Wisconsin, Public Works officials are preparing.

"We're going to be putting on all the plows, sanders, mechanics are going to be making sure everything is alright when they do have to go out and start hitting the streets," said Skare.

He said at this point, the budget is on track, but that could change if our area is hit hard.

"It very well could because we had a tough end of the winter and we're still within that budget cycle so we'll have to see how that plays out," Skare added.

Skare said in 2009, there were 18 snow events in Wausau. He says clean up cost the city about 1.7 million dollars. In 2010, there were 13 storms. He said that cost about 1.1 million dollars. This year he said he expects it to be a little higher at about 1.2 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Marathon County Highway Officials are also crunching numbers. They say the 2 million dollar budget is currently on track, but an extra snowy winter could be expensive.

"If we have a lot of long duration storms, weekends and nights, or if we have a lot of overtime, it could be very close in making it," said Jim Griesbach with the Marathon County Highway Department.

Both county and city officials say the budget all depends on what mother nature brings our way.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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