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Day two of dealing with the dark

PORTAGE COUNTY (WAOW) -- People in rural Portage County said being in the dark is a familiar problem. Some said they're dealing with the cold, but they still hope the power comes back on sooner rather than later.

One day after the first snow storm of the season, the power is still out for many in rural Portage County. Some said it's not the light, as much as the heat, that they miss.

"The furnace is fired by electricity. The stove's fired by electricity. Everything's modern," said Ed Juchelich, who lives in the town of Linwood.

In the town of Linwood, some said getting stuck in the dark is a rural thing. During the past 24 hours, their electricity has gone out, come back on and stopped again.

"The lights flashed and my phone always rings. It rings two times and that's it," said Juchelich. "That's when the power goes off."

More than 90 WPS crews have been cleaning up the mess left behind by Wednesday's snow.

"Most of the damage is coming from heavy, wet snow," said WPS's Kelly Zagrzebski. "It makes great snowmen. It doesn't do real good for our power lines."

As the winds pick up and the temperature drops, crews patch up power one line at a time. WPS officials said the storm hit small pockets of power all over the state.

"We've had a number of residences as well as small commercial industrial customers without power," said Zagrzebski. "The storm doesn't pick. It just hits who ever's there."

Slowly but surely, their goal is to bring back the light to customers as soon as they can.

If you want to see how the crews are doing, you can click here to find a link to the current WPS outages.

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