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Toxicologist testifies in Chase Boruch trial


Casey Collins, a toxicologist at the state crime lab in Madison, testified Friday morning for the state.

Collins told the court he tested Pergolski's blood, lung fluid, and stomach contents after the autopsy was performed.

The state questioned Collins about what type of substances were in her body after she died.  Collins testified he found Hydrocodone, which is a pain reliever commonly referred to as Vicodin in her blood. He also told the court there was not high levels of that drug, but a "therapeutic amount."

But, Collins testified he did find "toxic levels" of Tramadol in her system. Tramadol is a drug used to relieve pain, as well as slow your nervous system down and make a person tired.

Defense Attorney John Voorhees argued that different medications effect everyone differently. He said, just because there seemed to be "high levels" of a drug doesn't mean it was high for Pergolski.  Collins agreed that "everyone processes drugs differently."

After a short break, the state called Dr. Robert Corliss, a forensic pathologist from Madison.  Dr. Corliss began his testimony by explaining what an autopsy is.  Dr. Corliss told the court that not all cases can have a determined cause of death.

Dr. Corliss explained a person's manner of death, for example, if someone was killed, committed suicide, or died of natural causes, can help determine their cause of death.

The court has taken a small morning break. The state's questioning or Dr. Corliss will resume at 10:45 a.m.


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